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Agricultural Tracks

Continental Trackman Authorized Distributor

CIS is a distributor for Continental’s Trackman® agricultural rubber tracks for the Southeastern U.S., as well as international markets.

Continental is the innovator of the positive-drive track, and the OEM for Case IH. 
Continental tracks also have many unique and patented ground-breaking features that make them some of the most durable tracks available.

Continue reading for features of Continental tracks that make them best choice, or contact us for a quotation.

Construction features 1

The World’s Strongest Drive Lugs

- ARMORLUG® ULTRA is the first patented drive lug with three fabric layers embedded in the lugs, and extending to the roller bed, providing superior durability, wear, and tear-resistance.

- Easily handles today’s biggest, most powerful tractors, and is designed to take on more!  Extends service-life of these tracks as much as 30% longer than any other positive-drive track on the market.

Constructed for 7 Times Longer Life

- A higher density of wire in the reinforcement plies compared to other brands provides increased strength. (12 wires per inch compared to only eight... that’s 50% more than the competition!)

- Patented galvanized steel cables prevent corrosion and premature snapping.

fully-molded lugs and carcass


Fully-Molded Construction
Continental's tracks are formed through a one-piece rubber formation process of main carcass, tread bars, and guide/drive lugs together.  They are not separately formed pieces, rubber-welded at their edges, which causes focused stress points at the edges of the weld, leading to tear-off... as found with some other brands.

Better Tracking, Less Wear

A higher number of guide lugs provides better track-alignment and a distribution of lateral forces to help reduce wear against the lugs, resulting in longer service-life.

Taller, Wider, Stronger...

Many of the Continental tracks also offer taller and wider tread bars than the competition, which provides increased wear-life, excellent dirt clean-out, and increased traction in a wide variety of soil conditions.
The various tracks’ tread bars range from ¼” to ¾” taller than the competition, which can result in what the competition claims to be 30% of their tread life (based on warranty proration charts describing ½” of tread wear).

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